Someone posted the image below at TFM chat I straight and went OMG IT’S MIO!!!

Well it seems the figure is a 1/8 scale from Alter (OMG Alter), the Nendoroid of course is from Good Smile Company and both will be shown during Wonderfest 2009, which is not long from now, and also in Danny’s Tokyo Figure Show held in Harajuku from the 4th to the 9th of August (how I wish I could attend)

Both is an instant get for me no matter what, I hope Alter will release a full set of the K-ON! girls though. Now I am thinking, what if GSC or Max Factory decide to release scale K-ON! figure as well, I’ll be damn screwed.



Demonbane @ DaiCon ’09

On DaiCon day 2, me, kuzu and Quaz was fortunate enough to be invited to help the Demonbane group cosplayer for some private shooting.  The cosplayer are ryukku as Al Azif (she cosplayed as Yui on day 1), Rina as Another Blood and Misaki as Al Azif. Both Rina and Misaki hail from Singapore. To save time the shoot was split up with each of us shooting one cosplayer, though I manage kidnap ryukku for the rest of the shoot ^^.


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Mika-tan updated her blog today will some preview photos of Nendoroid Reimu. Preorder detail on July 23.


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Some preview photos of Hot Toys 1/6 MMS DX Batman, slated for release Q1, 2010.

This deluxe version comes with two functional Batman heads:

  • One features Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) and Translucent Iris
  • Alternate head features the sonar vision device – light-up eyes (cell button battery operated- battery included)
  • Three(3) interchangeable unique faces captured the Batman classic facial expressions, which fit for both two functional heads

The collectible also features:

  • Newly sculpted and developed Batman complex suit
  • Weapons and accessories -Transformable Sticky Bomb Gun, Back Pack, Grapnel Gun, Mini Mines, removable Holster, and two (2) interchangeable and Magnet featured Batman Utility Belts etc
  • Three sets of interchangeable posing hands
  • Deluxe figure stand with LED lights


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K-ON! @ DaiCon ’09

On day 1 I manage to arrange with the K-ON! group cosplayers for a more private shoot, though the private shoot sort of got crowded later on.

Only Mio, Mugi and Yui were there, apparently their Ritsu is still in Australia, would have been nice to have the whole group together. Oh well on to the photos…


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DaiCon ’09

After 3 tiring days, DaiCon has finally ended and I finally get my much needed rest. Instead of making a day 1,  day 2 post, I’ll just make a single to cover the whole event. There will be two separate post for the two cosplay group that I shoot during day 1 and 2. Pic below is the blogcard I printed for the event.


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2 more DAYS left before the big event DaiCon. I guess those that will be going will be making their last minutes preparation for it. I myself is busy will packing up my figures for the exhibition and praying that my blog card will arrive on time. Here’s some updates on the event.

Event schedule, general floor plan and doujin booths layout are up at the DaiCon site, click on their respective link to view them.


Some rules to follow during the events, so do check out the General Rules and Photography Policy.


GameAxis Malaysia will be having CELGames roadshow during the event, so you can show off your gaming skill or check out the latest on games and computer hardware.

Don’t forget to check out the updated FAQ for the latest list of autograph-permissible items for Miss Minori’s autograph session, as well as some other updates regarding DaiCon.

And lastly due to MMU security policy, all visitors to the university MUST be registered at the entrance, but the organizer of DaiCon manage to lift the requirement by having a special DaiCon pass. You can download the pass from DaiCon website here. Print it out and place it on your vehicle dashboard for hassle-free entry to the university visitor parking bay.