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2 more DAYS left before the big event DaiCon. I guess those that will be going will be making their last minutes preparation for it. I myself is busy will packing up my figures for the exhibition and praying that my blog card will arrive on time. Here’s some updates on the event.

Event schedule, general floor plan and doujin booths layout are up at the DaiCon site, click on their respective link to view them.


Some rules to follow during the events, so do check out the General Rules and Photography Policy.


GameAxis Malaysia will be having CELGames roadshow during the event, so you can show off your gaming skill or check out the latest on games and computer hardware.

Don’t forget to check out the updated FAQ for the latest list of autograph-permissible items for Miss Minori’s autograph session, as well as some other updates regarding DaiCon.

And lastly due to MMU security policy, all visitors to the university MUST be registered at the entrance, but the organizer of DaiCon manage to lift the requirement by having a special DaiCon pass. You can download the pass from DaiCon website here. Print it out and place it on your vehicle dashboard for hassle-free entry to the university visitor parking bay.


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