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Gothic style Saber

Ok another Saber is up hehe. This time is Alter version of Dark Saber but instead of wearing armor, she’s wearing a black and grey Gothic dress. She looks real good in it too, one of the best looking 1/8 Saber in my opinion. I first saw pictures of her on Riuva’s blog, so I went looking for her at some of my local hobby store. I was quite surprise when I found one store that have her in stock, because they were selling it at about 9000 yen. Only after I did some search on-line did I know that she’s actually discontinued and a pretty hot figure as well hence the high price. She’s also one of the first figure that I have seen bootleg on, practically most of my local shop is selling the bootleg version. Well with the help of a friend, I manage to get her in the end at about 7000 yen, so she’s actually the most expensive 1/8 that I have in my collection. Well worth it though 🙂

The highlight of this figure is the Gothic dress, the detail in it is superb

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