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Revoltech Saber

Saber was given the honor of becoming the first Fate/Stay Night character to be release by Revoltech, she’s also the first figure from Revoltech 2G line. I ordered Revoltech Saber from Play-Asia because of the cheaper price, she arrive on Wednesday just as I had expected. As usual there wasn’t much protection around the box but fortunately Saber’s box was not damage. Before she arrive, it was posted in forums by some people who already got her she got a broken elbow right out of the box. This really got me worried but there was nothing I could do about it as P-A already shipped her out. So as soon as I received her I quickly took her out of the box and check for any broken parts and was relieve that she’s perfect.

I had actually took some photos of her on the day I received her, but I decided to retook them after I adjusted my mini photo booth a bit. I use the background cardboard from the box for the first photo. I tried to get Saber into the same post as the picture on the cardboard and this is the closest that I can pose her.

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