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Barbie’s furnitures ???

After seeing some really nice photos by super rats using props, I decided to look for some as well, Searching HLJ, I manage to find some but the price alone is enough to buy a new figure so I decided to look for some alternative. Reading through a tutorial at Happysoda I found out some of the props are from Barbie’s and a visit to my local hobby shop gave me the same answer, that’s to look for Barbie’s furnitures. That brought me to the Toys r Us that’s near my office, and lo and behold, Barbies heaven, well not exactly but close enough. Anyway they were having clearance sales so I guess they are closing down, looking around I saw a few sets that I could use. In the end I got a living room set with 2 sofas, a lamp, two tables and other miscellaneous accessories.

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