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Lights, camera, action! Part 2

Finally my mini photo booth is almost complete. Got the final lamp today at Ikea, haven’t tested it out yet cause I haven’t got the bulb for it. Unfortunately Ikea only sell yellow light bulb. At the moment I still lack a diffuser and a bigger reflector, will get both done soon. (more…)


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MG Strike Noir, Complete

GAT-X105E+AQM/E-X09S Strike Noir is another variation of Strike Gundam that appears in the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73 STARGAZER. The MS belongs to Earth Alliance Phantom Pain and piloted by Sven Cal Bayang. The main difference from Strike Gundam is the lack of a beam saber it instead uses a pair of MR-Q10 “Fragarach” 3 beam blade which are hidden in the wings. The overall build of this kit is good, as usual Bandai quality is always improving. The inclusion of some fixed manipulator to hold the weapons is a nice touch. This is also one of the kit that comes with screws which I haven’t seen for quite sometime. One thing I don’t like is some of the dry transfer are so small that it’s very hard to put it on the MS, so i leave some of the decal out.

Click for larger image


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Another variation of Fate/Stay Night Saber to add to my collection of Saber figures, this time it’s Dark Saber by Griffon. She appear in Heaven’s Feel scenario of Fate/Stay Night, where she was consume by darkness by Angra Mainyu and turns into Sakura’s servant as Dark Saber. The armor is different than her normal armor and her hair and skin color are quite pale. Her sword also change to black with red color symbol on the blade.

My first impression of the figure is that it really capture the feel of Dark Saber from FSN game. The armor, face, hair and sword are exactly like what appears in the game. This is my second figure by Griffon, and I must say their quality is pretty good. I like the way they put the character’s name on the base and in Dark Saber case it’s plated name plate. Very nice touch.



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Fate-chan is here!!!

Fate-chan have finally arrive, early than expected actually, I was expecting her to reach either Friday or next week. As I carry the huge box she came in back to my cubicle, I can’t wait to open up the package and take her out. As I open the package, what I saw was disappointing, I guess what I heard was right, that Play-Asia doesn’t pack their figure shipment with enough protection.



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Figures collection (partial)

Took this shot on the day i got my camera. I decided to put all my figures that are not in my display cabinet back into their box because they were collecting dusts. And since I was in the process of putting them back I thought I might take a picture of them in their respective packaging. In the front row from left to right you can see FSN School Uniform Sakura, Asaba Ureshiko, Alter Black Dress Saber and Kotobukiya Saber. In the back row from left to right, MF Ignis, GSC Holiday Saber and GSC Evening Dinner Sakura.


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Lights, camera, action!

My search for materials that I can use for my gunpla/figures photoshot brought me to Ikano today. I was looking for texture color paper to be use as background, a sort of frame to hold the reflector and most importantly lamp. Found the color paper at Popular bookstore, it’s smaller than the cardboard that i plan to use as backing but that’s ok. Got a suitable frame at Ikea for 2.90 to hold the reflector and as for the lamp, found out I got the wrong type. I needed white natural light, but the one I got is yellow light but at least I still can use it while I am building my gunpla. Looks like I’ll need to make another trip down to Ikea again.


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Latest Haul

My latest model kit haul, MG Strike Noir and SRW Dygenguar kit. Been waiting for it for weeks, finally I can get my hands on them. Now all that’s left is to get MG Strike I.W.S.P which should be arriving next week. Still deciding whether to get the new MG Zaku 2.0 or not, cause I already have a grunt type Zaku, maybe I’ll get the Char version instead. Oh well still weeks before it’s gonna release, I’ll have decided by then.


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